Di Wall

Spiritual Reader



Born in 1947 under the sign of Taurus.

House sign: connected to Venus which is my ruler planet which in turn governs love and creativity and my element sign is Earth.

My Favourite colour is Turquoise and my preferred birth stone is Emerald.

Why have I mentioned these - reader read on!

A childhood of general happiness and contentment and yet as my maternal grandmother would put it had a "sympathetic" face, which caused on many an occasion for people to come and talk to me at an early age. Asking advice and talking about their lives without even knowing who this child was.

My first memory in this vein was having lunch in a Littlewoods store in Putney, London, possibly around 1957, where an elderly lady asked if she could sit at the same table as my grandmother and I. Bearing in mind the restaurant was virtually empty at the time and there were obviously plenty of tables this lady could have sat at, on her own. Before I knew it we had struck up a conversation about her illness (I would identify this now as arthritis) and I told her under the watchful eye of my grandmother she should seek medical help! There was no cause for alarm and that if she were to take this course of action all would be well. I really had know idea in my child's mind, what this was about - it was as I would say - "just came out!"

It was not to be until my first encounter with spirit* and living with my grandmother for several years that I had the knowledge of things more spiritual. I do not class my self as having a "gift" I do what comes naturally.

I have become more involved with 'alternative ways' since 1998 when after a major illness it brought me into contact with people who are similarly like minded to me, I have been inducted into the Tera-Mai and have been told by others on the spiritual plain that I have serious connections to Isis.

i.e. a Daughter of Isis.

This brings me to my opening comments.

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I am in the process of writing a book entitled "Ghost, Ghouls, and things that go Bump in the Night!"

This is a story of my personal encounters with spirit. The book although is to be taken seriously is written in a light hearted and congenial way to bring an understanding of the "other" world to those who do not understand their experiences or to share with those who do!