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Di Wall - Daughter of Isis

'Counselling with Cartouche'.

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CD : "Planet Blue"
Latest of my “Dream Poems” and is about man's greed and ultimate earth’s destruction but with a ray of light when “The Strangers” arrive on Planet Blue to see the Guardian Angel helping to bring life to a new Planet Blue!
Planet Blue £2.00
CD : "Dream Poems"
A small selection of Poems that have been brought to me whilst sleeping but have left their mark so much so that they needed to be shared!.
Dream Poems £2.00
CD : "The Passing"
Di's amazing experience of her maternal Grandfathers passing has left an everlasting memory. Although many will have experienced similar or the same as Di she has been guided to share this with others to assure them that they are not alone in what they have seen or felt!
The Passing £2.00
CD : "The Gate"
This CD is a sharing of a 'Near Death' experience in which Di truly believes that whilst in the midst of sleep her mother saved her life!
The Gate £2.00
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Dear Diane .. I would like to thank you for the amazing reading you did for me last year. You saw many things happening for me ..move of property expansion of business and much more, and 11 months down the line they have all happened just as you said, my life has changed and sooo much for the better. Thank you for your guidance and advise. Can t wait to come to you again :-)

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Hi Di
Its Mike here, you read for me today, I don't know if you remember, but I am the one going to work in Saudi. Just to say how wonderful it was to meet you and how amazing the reading was. I have just ordered a Scarab Beetle pendant to wear.

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"Di exudes warmth and empathy from the minute you meet her - she is as astute as she is empathetic and quickly gained a highly accurate insight into what was going on in every aspect of my life from the personal to the professional - a highly illuminating and very positive experience. I would not hesitate to recommend Di as a genuine and spiritually gifted lady."

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"Di, you are an amazing, beautiful gifted soul! Having talks and advice from you has changed my life, and started me on my own spiritual path! Thank you so much!
With much love and friendship" Odette xx

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