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The Temple

3,500 Years ago Isis was probably one of the most highly regarded Egyptian gods and known for Her wisdom, benevolence and kindness. She became known throughout Egypt and later renowned throughout other parts of the ancient world.

Her main temple of recognition could be found at Philae and many more temples came to built in Her honour and subsequently could be found located as far as Greece, Rome and even London!

Some temple remains believed to be in recognition of Isis were discovered during the 20th century when building work was taking place in the Watling Street area of London. (As a child during the schools summer break my paternal grandmother would take me to meet my grandfather who worked within this area of London. I would long to go and was always drawn to this side of town - although we lived in the South West part of town. The knowledge of this temple has only recently come to my attention!)

On many pieces of jewellery made in Isis's honour the colours of Turquoise and Gold can be found. Emeralds would be used to decorate these pieces in her name. (Hence my endearment to these colours in particular since being a small child. She loved all things of the Earth and represented the life-giving winds that hailed the arrival of each day.

I have a personal bond with nature, although spiders and 'creepy crawlies' do make me shudder - I still am amazed at their structure, and intelligence - I love the beauty that can be found in trees, the rush of water or the stillness of the air just before a storm. My love for the very essence of nature itself and I too appreciate each dawn and I feel that this brings me closer to Isis and her temples.

It was on a recent journey of regression I found myself in a stone temple, before a sign of Isis. I was clothed in a golden robe and whilst in front of her image I was told I had the knowledge and that now was the time to use it………………..

Welcome to my Temple - if my readings - which will come as I see them - help you - then I have done my job!

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The Temple.

The Saitic Isis

Within these lines lie some of the mysteries of the Saitic Isis, here revealed only to those with the perseverance to see.

The face and form of Isis were covered with a viel of scarlet cloth, symbolic of ignorance and emotionalism which forever stand between man and truth. Isis lifts her veil and uncovers herself to the true and wise investigator who unselfishly, humbly, and earnestly seeks to understand the mysteries which surround him in the universe. Those to whom she reveals herself are warned to remain silent concerning the mysteries which they have seen. The great admonition of the Wise Men; "If you know it, be silent." To the vulgar and profane, the infidel and disinterested one, she does not uncover her face, for they could not understand the secret processes of the invisible worlds.